Smart Talk

Welcome to Smart Talk Prestwich (Manchester), your local smartphone unlocking and repair centre!

The one shop for all your mobile needs. Our engineers will diagnose any problem with your phone. Simple and stress free for you. We ensure to provide the highest quality repairs. Our aim is to have your handset repaired or unlocked  within the shortest period, professionally and at the best possible price guaranteed.

We are here to build a excellent reputation of our store by friendly and efficient customer service and support!

Our goal is to offer a large selection of smart, sophisticated, fashionably fun accessories to complement our customer’s mobile phone, ipads.
We provide an excellent mobile phone repair and unlocking service as well.
Our staff is well trained, highly motivated and who puts their maximum effort in providing the best customer service.With over 5 years experience we aim to become a destination retailer to compete with online retailers and attract customers back to the “real experience”

As the nation’s leading speciality mobile phone repair centre, we will guarantee a high professional service, offering exceptional customer service, competitively priced quality products and a professional business approach.